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Frequent Guests: Shelly Fraser

At Getaway, we want to make escaping to nature a habit — a place where you’ll want to keep coming back for  #morefreetime in nature. We asked two of our favorite repeat guests why it’s important for them to continue to get away. Here’s what Shelly Fraser had to say.

We have stayed 17 times total, with our stays spread out from Getaway Machimoodus, Getaway Blake Brook, Getaway Eastern and Western Catskills and Getaway Shenandoah.

Our most memorable was staying at Blake Brook in December 28, 2018—January 1, 2019. New years at the Getaway. It was our very first visit to Getaway after seeing and add about it on Facebook. We decided to book a cabin for two to see in the new year. We set off with our two pups from Boston and traveled the 1h 45min to Blake Brooke. Upon arriving and winding our way through the trees looking out for our cabin we fell in love with the concept of the Tiny House style Getaway. We finally found a place we loved in the woods, not far from where we lived and a place our fur babies were accepted. The most memorable part was sitting around the campfire on new years eve, cooking some surf and turf when all of a sudden it started to snow lightly. It was magical. After that moment we decided to try and make it a tradition to return for new years.

There are a number of things that keeps us coming back. Firstly the staff at each outpost have been phenomenal. They are always on hand and very quick and courteous with their responses. If we every had a question the response was immediate. Secondly the concept of a Tiny House in the woods is very appealing to us. We love the simplicity of it, but yet luxurious at the same time. This was our mental saving grace during COVID as we had a safe place we could go to to get away from the daily troubles just for a little while. Knowing the self was extra cautious and vigorous in their cleaning and safety protocols made us feel comfortable in traveling during COVID. Lastly the settings of each of the outposts we have visited have kept us wanting to return, especially the close proximity to some lovely vineyards…

The things we have learned from our Getaways is that not all cabins are the same size. We prefer the largest of the cabins from the early models as they had a bit more space to move around in as well as the coverted window seating area. Most of the time we travel to Getaway purely for the Getaway experience, campfires for breakfast and at night, relaxing in the cabin reading a good book, or sharing some cheese and wine on the window seat. We spend most of our time in and around the cabin. However, we do love exploring the newer outposts as the cabins keep evolving with the designs and seeing how the small changes make a big difference. We have learned that it doesn’t hurt to reach out with a request as long as you know that it may not be possible, although our requests have always been respected and given.

When planning a Getaway we know we are in for some real R & R down time. We are both in education and for the last 2 and a half years have been pushed to the max, like most essential workers. Knowing that we have a place to go to when we get some free time is a little piece of heaven. Sitting hours around a fire, taking a walk in the woods, and just reconnecting with each other with no outward distractions makes us really covert our time spent at Getaway and lets us know this will be a definite good use of our free time.

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