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Featured Guests: Shante and Niyah

Earlier this year we hosted Shante and Niyah at Getaway Shenandoah outside of DC for them to disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature and each other. Here’s what they had to say about their escape.

I grew up in a rural county next to cows and fishing ponds so being in nature is my favorite place to be really. The best moment in nature was taking a night time walk and looking up at all the stars. Most beautiful thing I had seen in a while. I felt amazed and reminded of just how beautiful this world is. Individually, it was great to be back in nature, my roots, and take in the beauty. As a couple, we were able to reconnect to ourselves and each other which is something we both needed.

Disconnecting was the best part. We both are new entrepreneurs and often times trying to build a business and side hustle in this day and time means spending time on social media trying to understand and beat the algorithms. It felt good to not have to think of that and simply disconnect.We spent our time hiking with our dog and we found an antique shop to visit. We definitely felt safe – me more so than my partner because I’m from the quiet country.
I would tell another couple looking to Getaway to fully take in the experience. Don’t worry about life back home, just realign with yourself and reconnect with each other.

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