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Featured Guests: Tavorsia and Tatiana

There’s this image of peace curated within the walls of your home, however, when you step into nature there is a different kind of peace.  Nature is a familiar space that brings about a sense of comfort, peace and homeostasis that we as humans crave in this man-made world.

Between work and school we hardly have time for just us. The getaway house allowed us to intentionally spend time together without distractions and connect on a deeper level.

Disconnecting was the perfect escape from the realities we’re living in. Life is tough, we know that, but finding time to enjoy the a little bit of peace, calmness and each other was something we knew we really needed. It felt great to disconnect from the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of  life in a safe environment. 

Prior to arriving at the getaway house, we went on a hike at Kaaterskills falls. It was our puppy’s first time in snow so it was definitely an adventure. When we arrived, we cooked over the campfire we set. Not only was it our first time cooking over an open fire, it was our first time starting a fire!  We played games, read, explored and most importantly, we rested!

One piece of advice – book now! Look into some mindfulness techniques or guides and practice those skills while there are no distractions. 

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