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Featured Guest: Giselle Gonzalez

We hosted Giselle Gonzalez at Getaway Eastern Catskills where she took some time to reconnect to nature and enjoy some new reads. Here’s what she had to say about her escape, her connection to nature, and what Hispanic Heritage Month means to her this year.

From Miami to New York I’ve always lived in cities, but I think this has made me have a large appreciation and respect for nature. I wanted to Getaway because when I’m looking to disconnect and relax, going into nature is the first thing that comes to mind. I do it because I crave the silence away from busy streets and cars and I’m looking for the sound of leaves under my feet, and looking to see the stars. 

I spent my free time away from distractions with my boyfriend cooking and making s’mores together for the first time! It was also my first time attempting to start a campfire and I’m happy to say it was successful! 

It felt amazing to disconnect! It was very freeing and a type of relaxing that you can’t get from just putting your phone away for a bit. After some trial and error my boyfriend will stick to cooking and I’ll stick to starting the fire LOL. But in all seriousness this was a new experience for both of us so being able to try something new together, that we both ended up enjoying, definitely brought us closer together. 

This year, and every year really, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate my Cuban culture by appreciating all the different aspects – through food, dance, family gatherings. This year in particular Cubans have struggled a lot in their home country, so I’m going to be taking the time to spread awareness on the current situation in many Latin American countries, especially Cuba, and highlighting different ways others can support the Cuban people. 

You can following along on Giselle’s journey on her Instagram.

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