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Featured Guests: Hoda Jaludi

Today we’re featuring, Hoda Jaludi, who stayed at Getaway Eastern Catskills outside of New York at the end of last year. Here’s what she had to say about her escape to nature.

Like most, I am typically bombarded with screen time. From work to leisure our devices seem to have a grab on our lives. As soon as I found a place that encourages me to unplug and be in nature, I jumped to the opportunity! There is a sense of euphoria when you allow yourself to be one with nature. 

Both NY Outposts were placed in the perfect environment. However, I did enjoy the Western Outpost best, there was a scenic road to enjoy as you discover your Getaway cabin. It also had a high elevation which welcomed the mountain fresh air. 

Nature always finds a way to inspire me, listening to the stillness of the trees and letting the gentle air touch my skin as the firewood crackles taught me to just breathe and let go. Being nested in the cozy Getaway cabin has taught me that unplugging from the chaos is possible, you just have to allow yourself to do so. 

I am a firm believer that we are from nature and nature can heal us. No matter what you are going through, nature will always be there to welcome you with open arms. You have to take the time to connect with nature. There is an intense connection I feel when surrounded by the glorious tall trees and listening to the birds singing. This experience is difficult to explain but once you are there you can feel it. The intense joy that will simultaneously rush through your mind, body, and soul.

I’ve done Getaway journeys a couple of times but every time I do it there is this same feeling I always get after I journey back home, and it is that I CAN DO IT! Whatever I set my mind to I believe I can do it. That is the power of allowing yourself to rejuvenate and reconnect within nature. You will regain the energy and encouragement to achieve your goals. I love sharing my Getaway experience with my family and friends because they too share the same feeling. 

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