Featured Guests

Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Jase and Brandon

June 24, 2021

We hosted Jase and Brandon at Getaway Beaver Creek earlier this year, where they took some time to disconnect from technology and reconnect to themselves and each other. Read more about their love story, their Getaway, and what Pride month means to them this year.

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Tips for Getting Away
June 20, 2021

Wellness Tip: Deep Questions to Ask Loved Ones

Dr. Arthur Aron conducted a study a Stony Brook University in which he asked pairs of strangers to sit in his lab and talk to each other for 45 minutes. Some pairs made casual small talk while others were given a set of 36 questions to ask each other, questions that grew more and more personal as the list went on. Here are a few of Dr. Aron's questions for you to try out this experiment yourself with those who matter most.
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