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Frequent Guests: Dwayne Davis

At Getaway, we want to make escaping to nature a habit — a place where you’ll want to keep coming back for  #morefreetime in nature. We asked two of our favorite repeat guests why it’s important for them to continue to get away. Here’s what Dwayne Davis had to say.

I’ve stayed at Getaway nine times, with six of those being at the Getaway Portland outpost (Mt. Adams) and the other three at Getaway Seattle (Skagit Valley). The most memorable stay was in the winter at Mt. Adams and it snowed throughout the day and the snow glowed at night under the moonlight. Three of the pictures I’ve attached are from that trip.

Getaway is like owning your own cabin but without the expense and upkeep. I love that each house has a different view and that the houses are far enough away from each other that I get both privacy and quiet. I also love the rural settings and access to hiking and biking trails and lakes for kayaking. 

I’ve learned to relax and disconnect and that the Getaway houses are a perfect place to read and to work on my writing. I’m a strong believer in work/life balance, so I’ve always valued my free time. Getaway helps to solidify my commitment to getting away from my daily life and focusing on rest and outdoor activities.

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