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Featured Guests: The Sad Girls Club Team Retreat

I’ve always dreamt of owning a company staffed with like minded black women and someday embarking on a life changing staff retreat. After 5 years with my company Sad Girls Club this dream was brought to life.

I’m a girl with a lot of anxiety around being the ‘host’ especially in new territory. In my dream, our staff retreat had all of the pieces come together seamlessly. In my dreamland I was floating on cloud 9 and everyone enjoyed every second of the retreat. This dream was my guiding light when assembling what the most ideal staff weekend looked like. I occupied a piece of my journal to sort out my do’s and don’ts.


Force people to do corny activities

Overpack clothes

Talk too much

Speak too little


Pack games

Overpack food & snacks 

Meditate and chant for our safety

Bring edge control 

Myself, Brianne, Brittney & baby Basel cozied up in my Jeep when it hit me that this was the first time we’ve actually all spent more than an hour together. During the ride, the 3 B’s and myself chatted about what we’ve been proud of this year thus far and shared how excited we were for this getaway. We all really needed some time to unplug with the occasional check in from loved ones. 

10 minutes away from the Getaway House entrance we all lost phone service. I wasn’t trippin tbh but I saw a veil of anxiety hit the group. ‘Damn, the dream hit a snag’ I thought. I assured everyone that we’ll find a way to check in with our people and perhaps this was a sign for us to unplug. It was a full moon after all. Upon reaching our cabins we noticed the red landline phones that hit me with all of the 90s sitcom nostalgia. Joy swarmed the group and everyone checked in with their mom’s and bae’s before we nestled in for dinner, or was it lunch? Whatever people call a 4:00 pm meal.

I started a pretty decent fire (if I must say so myself) while the 3 B’s seasoned and unpacked the food. We cooked a full spread on the open fire and enjoyed the fresh air. It’s really incredible how the crisp, clean air immediately eases your mind. 

Around bedtime I noticed my anxiety had nearly diminished. My shoulders were dropped and the tenseness in my jaw was no longer. My dream staff retreat was happening and it was happening in the most natural way, in a way I could have never planned.

As an entrepreneur and mom, worrying is a primary emotion. During this getaway I was really able to let go while gaining incredible insight from the beautiful women I’ve created a team with. Black women in the woods is definitely a fearful combination but it’s important for us to reclaim space in nature. This country was built on the backs of black women, it’s important we take a moment to relax in spaces that have been ours since the beginning. I hope to get away with the team every year ❤️

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