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Featured Guests: Cammrynn Stith

My name is Cammrynn Stith AKA The Dapper Coach Cam! By day, I am an elementary school leadership coach (I get to empower children to unlock their inner champion and help them see the masterpiece within) and around that, I am a healthy active lifestyle enthusiast based in Austin, TX. 

In my free time you can catch me embracing some early morning sunrise kayaking, on some type of hiking trail, concocting some fun foods in the kitchen, dancing like nobody’s watching (literally anywhere) biking around town, pumping up the jams while working out with my friends and clients, or connecting with mother earth! 

My weekdays are spent teaching children, working out at home, journaling, going on nature walks, and meal prepping. On the weekends… Super Soul Saturday is all about tapping into that inner child and creating some intentional fun whether that’s travel, adventuring on the hiking trails, scootering around town, brunch with friends, shooting video, kayaking, playing sports etc. 

As. for my favorite non-digital activity – Ahh, I have many favorites… I would have to say exploring somewhere in nature, journaling, travel, and dancing 

Nature is so important to me because it’s serene and liberating. Growing up in Kansas the rolling hills and plains are endless. Me and the neighborhood kids would always run around barefoot in the yards, the fields, the little ponds and creeks, and with the very few trees there were, we made forts! However, my family and I always took time to travel. A lot of that travel included cool, salty breeze, warm sand between the toes, and melodic ocean waves accompanied by seagulls. I remember my very first family vacation to Hawaii when I was three years old when I witnessed my first wave (it was the size of a two-story house) and I fearlessly ran straight for it. Thankfully my mom was on total mama bear watch and saved me, but I was so enraptured by the beauty of Mother Nature and the incredible sense of euphoria running through me. From that moment I have grown a deep appreciation for all of the positive effects of nature, especially its ability to heal. 

I wish I had more time to explore and discover the world; connect and grow with loved ones; create with friends, read more books 

I have many happy places.. My happy moments include catching the early morning sunrises with a hot cup of tea (or coffee) and my journal, early morning kayaking, nature walks or hikes, ocean, lake, creeks, waterfalls (literally any body of water, I instantly feel at peace). My happy places also include my loved ones—friends included. I hold them near and dear to my heart. 

I create balance in my life by intentionally scheduling weekly moments of PLAY, Journaling, gratitude, grounding, movement/flow, meditating, and mini travels. 

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