Guest Stories

Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Caleb and Sean

On Getting Away
We chose Getaway after an extensive search for a place to detach from modern technology and to reconnect with nature and ourselves. Our favorite part was being able to connect as a couple and unplug from the daily barrage of emails, texts, and calls. The comfortable and well-stocked accommodations allowed us to truly focus on each other. After our Getaway, we felt refreshed, even more in love, and ready to get back into the world! 


On Their Love Story
It all began by swiping right LOL! We met on a dating app and sparks flew right away. Setting aside time for each other is a priority and allows us to regroup and reconnect. My partner has taught me to be patient and approach problems with a clear mind and calm point of view. 

On Pride
2020 was rough! Being with those you love and whom you enjoy spending time with became much more difficult due to the COVID19 pandemic. I celebrate Pride Month for the 4th year in a row now with the person who I cherish the most in life. We are making it through one of the most challenging events of our lives by supporting each other, and for me, that’s the true meaning of Pride!

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