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Featured Guests: A Sisters’ Escape to Nature

From experience, I believe Sisters who travel together create a stronger bond! After multiple vacations together, we were ready to book another trip come the new year. Many sponsored Instagram Getaway ads later… we decided to be adventurous and give it a shot. It seemed like an easy, stress-free trip that was booked with one touch on their site! 

My Sister, Taylee, and I have a great relationship. We are both so different in so many ways and make each other laugh more than I thought was possible. We’re 2 out of 6 kids in our family and hope to bring the rest of the siblings back to the Getaway cabins soon.

Cooking meals together in the cabin was the highlight of the Getaway. The cabins seem small from the outside, but once you’re inside, they’re spacious and perfect! Enough room to have your own space yet close enough to talk, bond, and spend quality time together.

Waking up, looking out the window at the sunrise peeking through the trees was something we didn’t take for granted. WOW! Our morning nature walks were also a big hit! The beauty of nature is untouched. We would then head back to cook breakfast together while we listened to the radio. I’m reminiscing on the good times as I write about it. So good!!

The Getaway book was a huge surprise! Like, seriously! I can’t tell you the last time Taylee and I even touched a book (before our Getaway). We are more knowledgeable than before after reading THE BOOK. We didn’t think we liked reading until I picked it up the first day, thinking it had some info about the cabin. Let me tell you; it had a lot more than that! Advice that has stuck with us and information that actually makes sense. I started by opening the book to a random page and reading it in my head. I found myself reading on to the next page and so on. Taylee stopped me and asked if I would start reading it out loud so she could hear what I was so intrigued by. We had to pause and make dinner, but right after, we picked the book back up! We started taking turns reading each chapter, and by the end of our Getaway, we had completed the book. From asking questions to explaining what different inferences meant to one another, we learned so much! We’ve used so many things from the book post Getaway and have seen real improvements!! You’ll have to read it to understand. We even want to order the book so we can reread it. It was that great!

We didn’t want to leave our cabin. You’d think that we would be sick of each other by the time we had to go, but that wasn’t the case with Getaway. We wanted more quality sister bonding without a schedule, work, phone calls, texts, and social media. So refreshing and good for the soul. We WILL be booking another getaway. We’re thinking about flying somewhere and booking a getaway cabin in another state! My sister and I would love to get ‘unplugged’ in every state where Getaway offers their cabins!

Cheers to new adventures and sister trips, highly encouraged!

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