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Featured Guests: A Solo Escape with Essence Lee

Earlier this year we hosted Essence Lee at Getaway Asheboro outside of Charlotte and Raleigh for a solo escape to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to herself in nature. Here’s what she had to say about her experience.

As life was getting increasingly hectic and I felt more and more disconnected from myself and nature, I decided to take some time away. I chose to Getaway because I wanted to reconnect with myself and really take time to enjoy my own company, outside of technology. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do things that I had been putting off and have the peace of mind of not scrolling through social media, browsing the internet, or binge watching TV for hours. I could really sit with myself, journal, read, relax, and think about life, without interruption. 

Some of my favorite memories from my Getaway experience were making a fire and cooking outside over the fire. It had been years since I’d gone camping, and surprisingly this was the first time I had started a fire by myself. After several failed attempts and different techniques, I was so happy when I built a roaring fire on my own! There’s also nothing like campfire food like nachos, foil packets, and s’mores. I also really enjoyed lying in bed at night and looking at the stars outside the big window. Living in the city, it’s very seldom that I get to see the stars so clearly, but in the cabin it was such a treat! 

Another fun thing I did was finish a book that had been on my reading list for a while. Since I had the free time to do it, it was nice to just sit in the bed and read for as many hours as I wanted to. There was no set agenda for my stay, so I got to take each day, hour, and minute as it came and chose what I felt I wanted to do at that time. It was such a freeing experience. My stay in Asheboro was also close to the North Carolina Zoo, so I spent some time there walking around and learning more about the different animals. I enjoyed seeing and interacting with other people during my time there, but it was still great to get back to the cabin and have that sense of peace again. 

It definitely took some adjustment to fully disconnect from those who I talk to all the time. When I experienced something cool, I found myself wishing that they were there with me or wanting to call or text them and share it with them. It’s hard not to share your excitement immediately with those you love, but I just told myself that this would be a great story that I could share with them when I returned and that next time I come, I could take them with me!

I highly recommend a Getaway for anyone who is looking to shake up their routine and spend some real quality time with themselves and/or their loved ones. I would recommend staying for at least three nights to fully enjoy the experience and to go with an open mind. Also, think of things that you’ve been wanting to dedicate time to and try to do those things during your time away. Embrace the silence and quiet time and take it as a time to breathe, get in tune with your body, and just be. My Getaway was not exactly what I expected it to be, but it was just what I needed.