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Featured Guests: Maryah Greene

At the end of last year, we hosted Maryah Greene and her boyfriend at Getaway Eastern Catskills outside of New York so they could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to nature. Here’s what she had to say about their escape.

A break from the city is always welcomed for my boyfriend and I. Getaway has been one of those things I’ve seen advertised that I decided I’d treat myself to one day and after months of prolonging, we took the dive. Like most getaways, expectations are high, bags are packed way before departure and your mind runs wild with all the possibilities! And while my highest priority was simply taking a mental break from the fast paced life of NYC, it never occurred to me that this getaway trip would spark adventure, curiosity and disconnection like nothing else I’ve ever tried.

My partner and I arrived on a Friday evening straight from work and we were greeted by the glistening campfires on the grounds and a cozy little cabin named Leonora that had our name written all over it. From the moment we walked in, we looked at each other with a sigh of relief and excitement. What followed was something that I feel that I’m constantly searching for as I navigate everyday life; my childlike sense of play. Our two-night stay allowed me to find exactly that!

From loading up the campfire with s’mores and warming up hot toddies to sharing intimate conversations with my partner about how much we deserve this level of relaxation. Each moment was met with play and curiosity.  

My favorite part of the entire stay was the first morning waking up in the cabin. Since we arrived in the evening, we didn’t have a full sense of the view and overall area around us. It wasn’t until the sun rose in the morning that we truly grasped the magnitude of how secluded and cozy our little cabin was. It was everything we needed to inspire making breakfast, eating in bed, listening to the local radio and of course engaging in the most competitive game of Uno. I’m always a huge fan of mornings but waking up at Getaway felt like the truest meaning of disconnection and moving slowly.

My partner and I find ourselves revisiting our memories of our stay. So much so that we’ve decided to book a stay during every season so that we can experience it during all of the elements. If you’re looking for a place too completely disconnect from the city and reconnect with your partner or even yourself, I highly recommend visiting a Getaway Outpost.