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Featured Guests: Carolina Edson

Earlier this year we hosted Carolina Edson at Getaway Big Bear outside of LA so she could disconnect from the city and reconnect to nature with her family and their pup. Here’s what she had to say about their experience.

Our reconnection to nature was much needed. After a long past 2 years, being able to go outside to somewhere we can disconnect and fully be in nature was everything my family needed.

We chose Getaway because I loved the idea of disconnecting from the “real world” and being together in a small space in the great outdoors. I love the idea of camping but I love AC too, and Getaway provided just the right amount of rustic while still being comfortable.

Sitting around the fire pit making s’mores and telling ghost stories was the highlight of our stay. Not having to worry about laundry, the dishes, or the day to day tasks. Just truly being together with the stillness of the forest while eating our favorite dessert was magical. We read, took naps and played games. Once the weather cooled down we all took our dogs on a walk around the property and it was so nice and quiet. It felt fantastic and much needed!

I would say to pack enough snacks especially if traveling with kids and plenty of water. But really just fully embrace disconnecting from your phone and bring things that you can do together with your family. Also if you can book it for two days! You won’t regret it.

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