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Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Tatiana and Sarina

I’m Tatiana – I’m a 32 year old fur mom who works on digital marketing ads by day and all things creative by night. When I’m not searching through the internet for the latest digital trends, I’m cuddling with my 4-month old puppy Lucky,  painting, taking care of my plants, or writing blog posts about what interests me in my spare time. My amazing girlfriend Sarina is also 32 years old. When she’s not risking her life daily, performing essential work throughout this pandemic, she’s a wordplay genius (freestyle queen, for the culture), teaching me about how to maintain life balance, and/or being creative in some magical *mystical way (modeling, sketching drawings – you name it, she can do it all). 

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Sarina and I decided to go on a Getaway together, because we absolutely LOVE nature, and we needed an escape from the daily noise. It’s already bad enough that we had to alter our lives to be super secluded over the past year, but we typically take at least one vacation a year, and COVID-19 put those plans on pause. I looked into Getaway – Yas! About a year or so ago, I found out about this amazing tiny cabin experience in nature, and I thought, “We need to disconnect. This is perfect.” Not to mention, Sarina’s birthday was coming up, so we thought this would be a perfect birthday trip for her. We also needed a break from the day-to-day stresses from work, listening to the news, and really wanted to spend some alone time together. Needless to say, we were very excited to book our trip! We searched and landed on our dream tiny home in upstate New York (Getaway Eastern Catskills). 

My girlfriend, Sarina, and I have known each other since high school, and are from the same neighborhood *blushing*. However, we never crossed paths, although our lives were parallel in so many ways. We reconnected a few times throughout our early 20s, and we had to grow through life lessons individually for a while before we divinely connected to become *love life partners. It was just so fluid. When our flirty 30s rolled around, we reconnected once more (after I slid in her DMs), and the rest was history. She is THE ONE for me, and I absolutely love this woman with every fiber of my being, so I was super excited to spend the weekend with her in our tiny cabin with our puppy, Lucky. 

When it comes to nature, we love everything about it. Sarina and I first bonded on my roof in our old apartment, and I fell in love with her AND the stars in those moments. We watch the Moon and try to guess star constellations all the time. Hiking (when the weather permits), is one of our favorite pastimes, and we absolutely love the flowers (and chipmunks). If we ever had the opportunity to just live rent-free, comfortably in nature forever, we would do it, so this escape was everything for us. 

Some of our favorite moments during our Getaway were: 

  • Cuddling up in the bed, doing absolutely nothing but staring out of the window and looking into the trees. The huge window makes it so lovely, because you definitely feel like you’re in a tree house nestled in nature. 
  • We also love photography, so we really enjoyed capturing these moments together in the woods (and have the pictures to prove it).
  • Sarina especially loved building a fire for the first time. I personally, really enjoyed making s’mores – yum! 
  • The Cell Phone Lockbox was a nice touch. We appreciated the way that the cabin was set up for us, to really disconnect. Even though there was no direct contact with anyone, the staff communicated with us through notes, emails and text messages to provide all of the details we needed. They were SO friendly.
  • Within the cabin we found a variety of books to read, and the bluetooth (analog display) music player was super cute! We love music, so once we connected, the vibes were so chill throughout the entire weekend. 
  • My girlfriend is also a really great cook, so we definitely enjoyed eating the fabulous fire-grilled dinner that she prepared for us right outside of our cabin, *chef’s kiss. 

There are times when work, and so many other factors of life, can contribute to stress and massive amounts of anxiety. I know so many of us dealing with worries and concerns, outside of the pandemic. I am one of them, so this experience not only brought us closer together, it cleared my head. I truly needed to unwind, and disconnect in order to let go and release all of the tension I had built up from overworking myself. I am so grateful for that moment of clarity and balance. I also feel so fortunate to spend time in nature with the one that I love, in our favorite place, with our fur baby. My girlfriend and I felt at peace when we left, and we recommended it to all of our friends.

Life can be what you make it. Even with ‘outside’ being closed, you can still maintain presence and enjoy all that life has to offer you in this moment. When you ground yourself, you find so much weight lifted. What better way to do that, than to spend it tucked away in nature. After returning home from our stay, we already began talking about booking our next extended weekend to unwind, because — it’s very necessary and #SelfCare. The cabin is comfortable, warm, cozy, fully stocked with the essentials, and perfect for a weekend for two. We fell in love all over again, and will certainly be back to create more memories with our camera. 

You can keep up with Tatiana and Sarina on their Instagram accounts, on Tatiana’s blog, and their YouTube channel.

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