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Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Joshua and Trent

On Pride
Pride for me is a celebration of our most authentic self in that moment in time. It is a proclamation to the universe that I live to be my beautifully unapologetic self, and deserve to love who I am and whoever I chose. The entire month is also a period of deep introspection, reflecting on my own journey and of those that fought for the greater LGBTQ+ community. I am reminded of the tenacity of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera who fought long and hard for my right to take up space in this world as a member of the community. I think about the love shared by Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer that became the stepping stone for same-sex marriage recognition in the United States. I am compassionate to those who are struggling or have struggled with their identity and have yet to celebrate it. And I reminisce about the little boy from Texas who had the courage to stand out and speak their truth, becoming the rainbow wearing, expressive QUEEN. It is through this reflection that I can proudly and boldly celebrate being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.  

Pride has been an evolution throughout my life, with each year being a snapshot of the person I was and celebrated. I commend my 2011 self who had recently came out and participated in their first Pride event. I applaud my 2016 self who quickly found a community to celebrate with living in a new city. I cheer for 2019 me who was coming into their non-binary self and expressing it outwardly. Every year I learn a little more about myself as I constantly grow in this universe we all share, and I look forward to celebrating who I am each June. What has been consistent with each and every Pride is the love I have been fortunate to receive and share with my support system past those 30 days. My friends and family have taught me that I deserved to be loved, a lesson that took many years to understand. This year, I am especially excited to celebrate Pride with a partner who has shown me a new love!

On Their Love Story
I was fortunate to meet my partner, Trent, during Covid-19 through Tinder. For the past couple of years, I had been on a journey of understanding who I was and finding self-love. Being in quarantine gave me the time to realize how far I had come, and that I was ready to move forward in finding love outside of myself. Tinder provided us the opportunity to connect in a deeper and meaningful way during Covid. We took time to truly get to know each other before meeting in person safely. The funny thing about Trent is that we actually both went to the same university, him being a year ahead of me, and probably crossed paths without knowing it. While it had been 9 years since we were first initially in the same vicinity of each other, it did not take long for us to fall for each other. 

Our first couple of dates were focused on our shared passions of tacos, Broadway, and the outdoors. From there, we really found a rhythm to our relationship by exploring as much of the Pacific Northwest as possible through hikes, food, and trips. TV and film are a huge part of our relationship, allowing for us to learn more about each other by spending time together in front of the screen. We have watched films about our careers in Finance and the Railroad. We have cried through films about coming out, bonding over our very different experiences. We have laughed over shows that very much align with our own comedy styles. And we have grown deeper in our love by witnessing examples of positive relationships, as well as toxic relationships, and discussing how to avoid them. The greatest thing I have come to learn from our experiences together is that communication is key. I do not take for granted how easy it is just to speak your needs and have a partner that truly listens. We both do our best to be able to vocalize our concerns and work through them, affirm the actions that bring us joy, and give grace to each other when one of us slips up. Relationships are hard and we try our best to not set each other up for failure by not being direct and honest. We check-in regularly on how we are doing, usually venturing into the great outdoors to take in the universe. 

On Getting Away
I chose Getaway as a Valentine gift for us as I knew it would combine a few of our favorite things. First and foremost, it allowed us to disconnect from the world and just spend time focusing on each other. There is no service, no WiFi, and really no contact with other Getaways in the area. You are alone in nature, allowing for a unique experience you cannot get these days. We took this time to enjoy the little things in life: laughing at how ridiculous we can be (thanks to the adlib), building a fire in the midst of winter and snow, and relishing in on our favorite foods. Trent’s favorite mountain in the range is Mt. Adams, so our Getaway was in the perfect location for us to take advantage of the mountain. During the day, we were out in the snow enjoying the fire or exploring the area. At night, we focused on playing games and bonding over a variety of conversations. 

Our Getaway was the perfect means to reflect on our love and relationship. Valentine’s Day is actually my favorite holiday, and I never had a more perfect way to celebrate. We spent a lot of time basking in the energy of inner peace surrounding our Getaway, smiling from excitement from the moment we arrived until we left. The space is perfect to hone in on your relationship with whoever you bring out there. Because of this, we are looking to make this an annual trip for our relationship.

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