Guest Stories

Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Jase and Brandon

On Getting Away
Cozied up in the open country under the pines in Lisbon Ohio with a great view of nature, holding the love of my life, playing lots of card games, and listening to the sparkling campfire with crickets in the background was the perfect Getaway for Brandon and I. We chose Getaway because of the location, the nature, the simplicity, and the time for just us. Our Getaway was incredible from pulling up, parking, and entering our woodsy oasis with an easy code for a long weekend. Brandon was the most excited about this Getaway because he saw an ad on facebook so I had to surprise him. 

On Their Love Story
A big shout out to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook for introducing Jase and Brandon. Their love story had to wait a little bit. Jase watched Brandon share another story with a different man for almost a year on Facebook, but that story was clearly not made to have a happy ending. Jase and Brandon connected after ties were severed to start a new story. The two have been madly in love ever since. There will always be other stories shared with different lovers, but a happily ever after doesn’t always happen. This couple knew they were made for each other after the very first date. Jase had the patience for Brandon because he felt something magical for him even before meeting him. Today, they enjoy traveling, home projects, game nights with friends, and the most important thing: each other. They are currently working on their happily ever after, but the shoe definitely fits. Love is patient, love is kind, and love is LOVE. Going on small getaways like Getaway—alone and with our friends—helps us connect to one another. Playing card games together, being honest and having open communication about everything helps us connect as well. I have learned from my partner that it’s okay to not get everything done in one hour. It’s okay to take time to enjoy life and to be patient because what you’re waiting for will come—and to just love each other and life through that process. 

On Pride
I used to ignore Pride because I never thought that I would be able to celebrate it because I felt like I couldn’t tell my story, sharing my life and my authentic self. But now, Pride means not only celebrating my true authentic self this year but also celebrating the love of my life, Brandon. Celebrating us for all the love we can show—loud and proud without having to apologize. Love is rare. We are so lucky to have found each other and not just have June to celebrate, but to be able to celebrate every single damn day that we have found each other and can celebrate the love that we share. 

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