Guest Stories

Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Ari and Keta

We were invited to the Getaway by one of our good vibes tribe members to connect with other like minded individuals in nature without technology. Planning ahead to recharge from the first quarter of the year and more specifically for us, to further our individual spiritual practices and deepen our spiritual bond as a couple. Our Getaway was everything we imagined it to be; serene, beautiful, and fun. Each day we did some sort of physical activity for exercise, broke bread over a fire, exchanged motivational dialogue, and visited nearby nature areas.

Some of our top highlights were exploring snowy hiking trails, chasing waterfalls, and stargazing and identifying constellations. The stars stole the show every night leaving us both with our jaws open and heads tilted back at the campfire. We identified some of the constellations from the provided book. It was so cool. We carved out one day just for us to further connect. Ari hooked me up with my very first facial. Keta supported me in running my first hiking trail in years. We supported each other in journaling and candle work. We navigated the tiny space fairly well, which got us thinking of other places and ways we can get away with minimal needs.  

‘The 411’ 

After being in the bay alone from Memphis for about two years and experiencing a breakup like that only experienced in the movies, Ari was almost convinced the dating pool in the Bay Area wasn’t it. Knowing she still hadn’t experienced enough people to draw that general conclusion, she set intentions to attract like-minded, positive individuals living out their life’s purpose. After a period of healing, she linked with a Bay Area Facebook friend, Keta Price. At this time, Keta had been single for almost five-plus years dealing with trauma caused and received in past relationships and family loss. While furthering her inner work, she continued to develop her career as an Urban & Regional Planner. Ari had scheduled to meet and support Keta at a work event, yet wasn’t able to attend. Appreciative of the gesture, Keta began to take more notice of Ari’s similar journey of self-evolution and health and wellness, and was totally interested and offered to meet up. 

‘The First Date’ (Prior to COVID-19)

Ari and Keta’s first date was organically chill and comfortable. Both entered without expectations, only to go with the flow and enjoy good company. Although there was drama surrounding our table between the establishment and customers, we made the choice to keep our cool and carry on as if we were the only ones there. After a nightcap at Keta’s house talking for hours, they stayed in touch for about six months before linking up again. Both were busy with work while prioritizing self-care and development. 

‘Building Trust & Chemistry’ (Entering a Pandemic) 

Just before the onset of COVID-19, Ari and Keta began to schedule social time together again. Getting to know each other’s love languages first as friends. Just a week before the first quarantine order, Ari moved from San Francisco to East Oakland, coincidentally closer to where Keta lives. Following an attempted break in to Ari’s apartment, while she was home, Keta offered to spend a few nights over to help protect her. After sleeping over a few nights, a county-wide quarantine was announced. We declared bubble bubbies and kept kicking it. Following the release of quarantine, for the remainder of 2020, Ari and Keta were on the go as much as possible. They visited homies at the Wolf Creek Valley Ranch near LA, went camping alongside the American River, and continued to support one another’s career goals. Ari is an aspiring singer and bomb hairstylist, and Keta is the Director of Urban and Regional Planning for a grassroots organization called the East Oakland Collective. They recognized much alignment in their personal values, spiritual goals, health and wellness goals, and love languages. 

‘Making it Official’ (Quarantine Baes)

During their enchanting time at the ranch, they made it official July 4, 2020! Following the official declaration of their partnership, they continued to schedule travels together such as Cancun, practice joint meditation and moon work, explore sex magic as a tool of manifestation, do couple workouts and trying to maintain plant based eating. While reciting their mantra of having “no bad days” daily, over the past 11 months they have learned a lot about themselves and one another. Both realizing where they have grown, while recognizing areas of improvement to better themselves and their union. Steady listening to and acknowledging one another, Ari and Keta check in regularly to make sure their intentions for their union are adding up. Celebrated and supported by their family and friends, Ari and Keta are individually and jointly considered pure and authentic models of LOVE. 

To us, this year’s Pride means to be proud of our inner Self. Spirit. To be proud of the hurdles we conquer daily to remain balanced. To have pride in the accomplishments of queer urban professionals and musicians to shape the built and social environment of tomorrow! We are Black, We are Queer, We are Love! Our relationship to Pride month evolves parallel to our personal transition; it went from a reason to party and be queer out loud, to just wanting to be accepted as me for me, and also being open to accepting new things, to simply celebrating ourselves as a ball of energy (i.e. spirit). So this year our Pride is dedicated to the inner work we did to land us here, separately and together, as we reach our one-year anniversary on July 4, 2021. We vow to continue exercising unconditional love and acceptance for one another until the wheels fall off. #nobaddays

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