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Featured Guests: Artist, Lisette Correa

At Getaway, we believe nature is an inclusive space where everyone can thrive. In celebration of Pride, we’ve partnered with three Atlanta-based artists who transformed our tiny cabins into expressive, colorful canvases. Today we’re featuring Lisette Correa AKA @ARRRTADDICT. Read on to hear our interview with her below, and take a look at how she captured the essence of Pride in her work at Getaway Chattahoochee.

How would you describe your art style?

“I would say my art style, number one, is super vibrant. I feel like I really pull from my Caribbean roots, and also just from being in south Florida, like when you go to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, it’s a very bright city, so I definitely pull my color palette from that. Another big element is that it’s also a mental health thing, so I try to bring vibrancy in the world because it’s therapeutic, I just try to make people happier.”

“And then I think that another big element to my art is really telling the stories that haven’t been told, and highlighting the similarities that we have as people together versus what continues to be stereotypical things that keep us away from just loving each other and embracing one another seeing how everybody’s heart really is.”

Tell us about the mural that you created for Getaway.

“So, the mural that I created for Getaway is ‘Love Is Love’. I really love plants, so I wanted to really get some nature vibes in my aesthetic with cute little fun cactus and mushrooms because it’s groovy and vibey. I wanted to bring all the psychedelic vibes and then bright flowers and the rainbow. And of course, my signature leopard print. So I really just wanted it to be a really bright environment in this forest, and just bring love and happiness and a safe place for people to just truly be you. And enjoy nature.”

“I hope to express happiness first and foremost with my art. And then, unity, I just feel it’s about bringing people together versus separating people. And I really try to do that with my color palette. I feel like it doesn’t matter what race you are, what walk of life you come from. Everybody loves a bright color palette, so I think that it’s a way to unite all people in this happy loving place.”

What inspires you?

“I would say life first and foremost. I’m super inspired by traveling. I love to travel, mainly to warm places. And I am really inspired just by the people around me. I have a lot of creative friends and they put me onto things that are always inspiring. Having a great circle around you is inspiring. Doing my healing work and learning more about healing and things of the soul is what makes me radiate more. And in that time of me shining, I feel like my art thrives.”

What is your favorite thing about Pride Month?

“My favorite thing about Pride Month is that it’s really a time for everybody and LGBTQ to get together and celebrate us going through our lives, being proud and also having to combat so much stuff but knowing that we’re doing it to pave the way for younger generations to have an even safer place than where we started. So I think that’s my favorite part about it, is just celebrating this because people in the queer world, in the spectrum, I feel like we go through a lot of struggles to be able to stand in a firm place within that role that we take on. It’s not a choice that we have to make, but it’s something that, it’s a sacrifice that we have to just put up with and then you learn how to just flip it into love. And I think that people in the LGBTQ world are some of the strongest people because we always stay happy. Regardless of what struggles we’re facing or what’s going on in the world, what new law has been passed against us. If you go to Pride, everybody is so happy. And I think that’s what it’s about, us standing firm and standing strong in who we are and saying, ‘we are here and we’re not going anywhere and we’re going to love how we want to love.'”

What message would you give to those who seek to divide?

“My message to those who seek to divide us to let people live the same way that you wanna live. You don’t have to agree with somebody’s lifestyle, but we do have to respect each other. As people, we don’t have to all have the same views, we’re never gonna have the same view. So just spread love and peace and positivity. You never know what somebody is going through way deeper than what they’re doing in their bedroom, you know? So it is just all about spreading love right now.”

Tell us about your connection to nature.

“Being in nature really brings me to my indigenous roots. I’m Taíno and so when I’m in nature I just feel really at peace, and I feel one with nature, just even having your feet in dirt, there’s something that is really grounding about that. And I think that, as an artist, especially for me, where my schedule’s constantly busy, sometimes I don’t even know what day it is and I feel like I’m just flowing through life.”

“When you get into nature, you’re able to really ground yourself and have time to reflect, and just like embrace your growth as a person. And I think that it’s even funny me saying ‘growth’, right? Because when you’re in nature, you’re surrounded by trees and they’re constantly growing. Coming in nature, it allows your soul to thrive more and you as a human to taking the time to reflect and grow. I love being in nature because I feel like trees really remind us that we need to take the time to ground and root and grow.”

How do you find balance?

“I find balance, number one, being around my family. They’re a very grounding element for me. Being around my Mom and my aunt, that’s very important to find my balance and just remember where I came from. I love traveling. Every time I travel, I really get to embrace other cultures and it’s a great time to reflect and reward myself for all the hard work that I do. Once I’m able to get away, I really feel that’s what brings it all together for me and it’s my ultimate reward and just brings more peace and solitude.”

Make sure to check out the mural Lisette created at Getaway Chattahoochee during your June escape.