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Featured Guests: Allison and Anna-Katherine

Earlier this year we hosted Allison and AK to celebrate their 5 year anniversary, and during their stay they captured some beautiful engagement photos as well. Here’s what they had to say about their escape to nature.

We met in 2016 on Tinder(which is apparently old now?) while we were both living in Tennessee. Chattanooga is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever lived in. The accessibility to the variety of outdoor activities is amazing. We now live in Chicago, but have both always loved spending time in the great outdoors. 

Staying at a Getaway site seemed like the most obvious choice for our 5 year anniversary celebration. We took advantage of the scenery, and overall vibe by having our engagement photos done at the same time. The Beaver Creek site has so many beautiful trees, and we were so thrilled the rain held off that day until after our photos! 

We loved every moment of our trip, and didn’t want it to end. We both agreed our roses were taking our engagement photos (huge shout out to Cusano Photography), late night rummy games while listening to a classic rock radio station, and cooking over the fire. We also took an incredible nap during a rain storm. Our only thorn was that the trip had to come to a close eventually!

We brought our two pups along with us. They all loved being able to be outside on their leads with us while we sat around the fire. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the views, long walks, and cozy time together in the big bed. 

Our lives have not been the same since March of 2020. Our lives moved at lightening speed, and still do most of the time. Once we assessed how busy we had been, we realized it doesn’t always have to be that way. Our stay helped us step away from our busy work schedules, and forced us to relax, recalibrate & reflect on the last 5 beautiful years we have spent together. 

We will never forget this trip, and how grounding it was for all of us. It was exactly what we all needed. 

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