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Tips for Traveling with Your Pup

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We know that furry friends can be the best travel companions around. While Getaway is pup-friendly, not everyone else is, so knowing how to pack for travel with your dog is especially important.

We’ve put together some tips and guidelines to make getting away with your pup a breeze. Most transportation options require a carrying case for your dog. We like a dog carrier, like this Frisco premium travel carrier, for more portable travel or a dog car seat for driving.

Tip #1: Traveling By Local Transit

Local transportation is typically the most affordable option for humans and dogs alike. Before you hop on your local bus or train though, make sure to check the travel rules for pets in your local area. Luckily enough, we’ve put together a guide for all of our cities.

In both New York and D.C., service dogs are always allowed on local transit. Non-service dogs are also allowed, but only if they’re in a container or carrier. Atlanta’s MARTA is similar, but with an extra restriction that requires the carrier to be rigid and have a lock or latch.

Boston also has a similar policy for MBTA trains and buses, but the city stipulates that non-service pets are not supposed to ride during rush hour.

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Tip #2: Traveling By Car

If you’re getting out of the city, renting a car is fast and flexible. Zipcar and Enterprise say your pup is always welcome, provided it stays in a dog carrier and you return the car free of fur. Avis can be a more flexible option with no strict pet policy, but the car must be returned clean and free of pet hair.

If you’re looking to ride-share, both Uber and Lyft leave the decision up to the driver. We recommend ordering a car and then calling your driver to confirm you can bring along your pet. Cabs in most cities tend to abide by the same policy.

Tip #3: Choose Pet-Friendly Destinations

It always makes it easier to travel when you know your pup will be welcomed at your final destination. This is particularly important if you’re traveling by way of public transit, but you also don’t want to take your pup somewhere where they are going to be stuck in a car.

There are plenty of travel options that welcome your furry friends. At Getaway, we have a small pet fee (one per trip, so you don’t have to pay per pup per night), and that covers our cleaning expense and gives you a lead, a bowl, some waste bags, and treats for your dog.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Packing is stressful for everyone, especially if you have to pack for both yourself and your pet. Our must-have items include a dog travel bowl, dog treats, plastic bags, and a favorite dog toy or blanket to keep your pup company.

We recommend bringing along proper ID for your pup as well. Sometimes accidents happen and if you lose track of your pet, you want to make sure they are properly identifiable. Ensure your dog has proper ID tags and is microchipped. Better yet, always keep them nearby with a dog leash.

Be careful to never leave your dog in a car during extreme heat or cold and keep an eye on how they’re doing throughout the stress of the travel process.

Don’t forget the delight of travel. Pack treats for you, and treats for them. Be sure to reward your pup when they have good behavior. It helps reinforce what they are doing right.

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Most importantly, remember that no one knows your dog better than you do. Listen to yourself and your pup and enjoy escaping together.

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