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Fitness Tips For the Frequent Traveler

Walking Path

Getting away should be about relaxing and recovering from hectic city life. Recharging doesn’t have to mean lying in bed all day- although it certainly can. Sometimes the best way to disconnect is by exercising and keeping yourself healthy.

We caught up with some fitness experts to ask them how they stay in shape when traveling. Whether you’re escaping to a cabin nestled in nature or you’re flying to a new city, these tips are great ways to put your mind at ease through fitness.

Tips for Staying Active on the Road

CorePower Instructor Calli Pappas says her favorite part about travel is time to focus on what makes her happy, so exercising is a must. Calli goes on walks or runs without any music or distractions. That way, she can get a feel for her new environment, while keeping herself fit. She says this routine, along with her mindfulness practices, keeps her grounded when she travels.

“I’ve always had a pretty strong and solid fitness routine, but I found something was missing,” Calli said. “It wasn’t until after college when I discovered yoga and then, overtime, meditation, among other mindfulness practices. Incorporating these practices into my lifestyle has helped to increase my overall awareness, intuition, gratitude, and overall quality of health and well-being.”

Calli recommends packing resistance bands and sliders on your next trip, so you can do a quick core and glute-strengthening exercise anywhere you go.

Cabin Stretches

Personal Trainer Alicia McKenzie always scopes out the gyms, or lack thereof, before a trip and she makes an exercise plan before leaving.

Alicia loves making the most of what she has around her. She usually focuses on bodyweight exercises when she’s away from home. Her on-the-go fitness routine always includes running, air squats, lunges, burpees, and plank holds.

Fitness and Mindfulness

Fitness guru Aly Raymer does a little bit of everything. When she’s not working at B/SPOKE Studio or teaching yoga at Exhale Spa, she’s organizing wellness retreats.

“Mindfulness is the key to a fulfilling workout,” Aly said. “You must take care of both mind and body in order to really reap the benefits of fitness. You can workout all the time, eat all of the healthy things, but if you have a negative mindset or are totally disconnected for your body, it’s for naught.”

Aly loves exploring cycling studios in new places. When those are unavailable, she tries to go on walks and explore on foot, as well as use dance for exercise. Aly says it’s important to always listen to your body. Remember that it’s okay to use travel time to relax and recover from your frequent workouts.