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Mindfulness Tips to Avoid a Creative Rut

We’ve all been there – staring at a blank screen or fresh piece of paper, unsure of where to start.

There’s different names for it – writers block, a creative rut, maybe you’re just feeling a little uninspired.

Here are a few mindfulness tips to reinvigorate your sense of creativity, and get you started on your next great thing – whatever that may be.

creative mindfulness

Practice Being Observant

Take a moment and be still. Let your eyes wander and take in everything, big and small, around you. Notice how the light filters into the room. Pay attention to your own breathing. Acknowledge the thoughts that come into your mind, and simply observe them. Taking five to ten minutes a day to simply observe your surroundings and your own sensations can calm you, and help spur deeper thinking.


Remember the joys of doodling in your notebook? Perhaps a few of us were caught by teachers when we should have been paying attention to lectures. Doodling can actually help you focus and relieve stress. So grab your pen or pencil and a sheet of paper, and get started.

Remove Distractions

One of the biggest barriers to any creative process is distractions – whether it’s from your phone, your computer, outside noise, even a well-meaning friend wanting to chat. Give yourself a set amount of time without anything vying for your attention. Turn your phone on do-not-disturb or airplane mode, close your computer (unless you need it to create), and keep track of time with an analog clock or watch. When the time is up, set whatever you created aside and congratulate yourself on whatever you were able to accomplish in that time. Then, start again the next day.

creative mindfulness

Write a Letter to a Friend

Sometimes it’s easier to express yourself when you imagine yourself in conversation with a friend. Sit down with a pen and paper or postcard, and write a letter to someone you hold near and dear. It’ll take you away from your computer, and into the actual action of writing. Bonus points if you add some doodles as an extra dose of mindfulness.

Change Your Environment

If you’re feeling stifled or uninspired in your office or home, try switching it up. Head to a local coffee shop, or even better, take a walk outside or sit at an outdoor cafe. New surroundings might grab your attention in different ways, and spark a new idea or approach.

If you need an entirely different environment, somewhere designed to be free of distractions, that will let you immerse yourself in nature, we’re here for you. Book your escape to nature today.