How to Getaway

Tips for the Dog-Friendly Traveler

Husky in the Woods

City living isn’t always easy on our furry friends. In the stress of our day-to-day, it’s fairly common that we find ourselves craving more time to spend outside, away from our computers or inside our offices. Our pups may be feeling that same hankering.

For many of us who live in cities, our dogs have a pretty set schedule. Walks in the morning, time inside, walks in the afternoon, time inside, walks in the evening, sleep time. One of the best ways to break up that routine and let your dog enjoy a different pace with more outdoor time, is by taking that pup with you on your next great adventure.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Take your dog on a hike

Dog Hike

There are tons of hikes near our Outposts and not too far from the cities you call home. Many of these hikes are dog friendly, so you may run into other dog friends on the trail. There’s a win-win for you both: you can enjoy some incredible views and your pup can get some needed exercise. Not only that, but it’s proven that walking with your pet helps draw you closer together, and strengthens your bond. Best yet – they’ll be all tuckered out and ready for bed by the time you get home.

Know the best way to get you there

Furry Friend

Public transportation has limits on our canine friends. We may have all seen some very adorable photos of people trying to fit their dogs in backpacks. Check the regulations around traveling with your pet, whether it’s looking at Amtrak or your local transit system. It’s important to also be mindful of where your dog is most comfortable. If they experience a lot of anxiety on the subway, you may want to consider a car rental. If a car rental isn’t for them, maybe a train might make it easier. If they tend to be a touch nervous in transit, try feeding them turkey – the tryptophan that makes us all sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner has the same effect on pups. Consider it their natural anxiety reducer.

Spend some quality time with them in nature

Dog in Cabin

Take your dog on a Getaway. All of our cabins are dog friendly and ready for you and your pup. Walk around and explore nearby trails, and cozy back in with them. We’ll provide bowls, a lead, and some treats, and you bring the canine you love.