How to Getaway

Cold Weather Getaway Tips

There’s nothing cozier than being bundled up inside with a cup of tea or coffee warm in your hands while snow falls outside. For some, the peace and quiet of nature in the winter, makes this their favorite time to get outside and make time to reflect and reconnect to what really matters to them. That being said, a winter Getaway requires a bit of extra preparation. Here are some cold weather tips for your upcoming Getaway.

Bring layers.

Whether you’re heading out to Getaway, or going sledding or skiing with your family, layers are key to any winter activity. Layers will keep you warm if you sit around a campfire or head out to explore a trail, and they’ll make your bed an extra cozy spot to snuggle up with your pup or a great book.

Go on a winter walk.

Heading out on a winter walk is a great way to warm up by getting a bit of exercise, just watch out for ice. You may be surprised by how quiet your walk is. You’ll hear the snow crunch under your boots, wind blowing branches, and maybe a bird or two, but not much more. You can look for animal tracks in the snow and guess what kind of animals have stepped across that path before.

Make a campfire.

Making a fire in the winter is still fun, just bundle up and sit close to the fire pit to keep warm. Nothing compares to the memories made and the conversations had around a campfire, especially once it gets dark outside. And we all know there’s nothing that compares to s’mores with marshmallows roasted over the fire.

Cook your favorite comfort foods.

Plan your meals before your Getaway, and bring what you’ll need to make warm and filling soups, your favorite cut of meat, and other recipes. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the recipes featured on our blog. Not only will these comfort foods warm you up and keep you full, but they’ll make your Getaway extra cozy if you have your favorite meals during your stay as well.

Watch the snow falling or stargaze.

Enjoy the quiet. Winter has always been a time for us to slow down, turn inwards, to reflect and rest. Give yourself permission to do nothing—to be off, and do something as inconsequential as watch the snow falling or look up at the stars. While you may feel awkward at first, the quiet will open its arms to you, and you may find that taking this time to slow down, breathe, and observe your thoughts and surroundings may provide exactly the kind of rest that you need.

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