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Tips on Cultivating Resilience with Amina AlTai

As the world feels more overwhelming than ever, it’s essential to take time to be mindful and stay present.

Amina AlTai has been an incredible resource for doing just that. You may have read her exercise for setting intentions during the new year, or listened to her on season 2 of The Getaway Podcast.

We tapped Amina to share her tips for navigating a challenging time. She included worksheets here that you can find linked below or on her website. In her words:

The pandemic is constantly evolving our reality which brings new challenges and triumphs each day. Cultivating resilience through agility by “pivoting” our daily routines helps us preserve our physical and mental wellbeing.  Because the world feels more uncertain than ever, I recommend doing two things—carving out time for our wellbeing via wellness planners and setting goals around how we’ll show up as leaders leaders in this time. These tools allow us to create momentum and structure that can counteract thought-patterns that exacerbate anxiety and uncertainty.

Download Navigating Fear and Anxiety and Integrity in Action Planner.