How to Getaway

The Art of the Girls’ Getaway: Dog-Friendly Edition

Girls Trip

Sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping the city with your girlfriends and reconnecting in nature. Whether you want to explore a new hike together or just spend some wifi-free time bonding, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to spend a girls’ Getaway.

Play Cards

Going wifi-free with your friends is a great way to rediscover fun games, like cards. Every cabin comes with a set of cards and without the distraction of phones, you and your girlfriends can focus on the fun of the game and each other.

Explore Together

This is your chance to get outside and appreciate the beauty of nature together. Gather your friends and bring your pup along for a fun hike. We recommend packing a picnic, with dog treats for your furry friend, for when you all reach the summit.


Recreate the sleepovers from your teenage years by doing a face mask together. If skin care isn’t your thing, bring along some essential oils for an aromatherapy night. Have some self-care time together and pamper yourselves on your well-deserved break. If you brought along your dog, we recommend giving them a dog toy so they can feel special too.

Activity Time

Every cabin comes with a set of activities, ranging from word puzzles to questions to ask each other. Laugh over questions or put your minds together to solve the puzzles. Some activities are pup-friendly, like going forest bathing or tracing constellations. If you’re looking to bond with your fellow humans, give your pup this dog bone to keep them occupied.

Just Be

Don’t be afraid to do nothing together. Feel free to just relax together and snuggle up your pups. After all, you should go home feeling rested and recharged.

Ready for a girls’ Getaway? Grab your friends and hit the road. If you’re looking for more dog friendly tips, read more from our friends at Chewy.