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Featured Guests: Idayat and Yakay’s Birthday Escape

Earlier this year, we hosted Idayat and her partner Yakay, at Getaway Eastern Catskills to celebrate Yakay’s birthday. Here’s what Idayat had to say about their escape.

I chose Getaway because it was my partner Yakay’s birthday, and we’ve always talked about going camping. Instead of partying or going out to dinner, Getaway served as the perfect way to celebrate, detach from the noise of the outside world, and be at peace. We love anything that involves nature, so for us it was adventurous.

My favorite moment was when we arrived inside our cabin, and she took her blindfold off. She had no idea I was planning to have her childhood friend be there to celebrate her as well. She was so surprised that she stumbled and it was the cutest thing!!  I also loved spending time at the campfire. We ate the meal I prepared, made s’mores, played our favorite music, and laughed our a**es off lol

It felt refreshing to disconnect with the one who matters most to me. This year has been one tough year for us, so it was important we gave ourselves the space to ground. We spent our free time by reflecting on how far we’ve come as individuals, and as a union. We reminisced on the adventures we’ve taken and talked about more memories we’d love to create.

An advice I would give to another couple considering Getaway, is to intentionally plan your stay. Know what meals you’re going to make, what form of entertainment you’d like to bring (I brung the BUZZED card game), and overall make sure you’re present with one another. The Phone lockbox was a great idea. Leave your phones and enjoy what nature has to offer. And last but not least, capture beautiful moments with each other and create long lasting memories. The experience is worthwhile!