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Featured Guests: The Navarro Family’s Escape to Nature

Earlier this year we hosted Arianne Navarro and her family at Getaway Brazos Valley outside of Houston for them to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to nature. Here’s what she had to say about their experience.

Listening to the sound of waves or a waterfall, walking along the beach and feeling the sand, hiking through the woods or watching the sunset on top of a mountain – I use this mental nature therapy to regain my composure during chaotic times in our household. Our family has never really been the “outdoorsy” type and we are not as connected to nature as much as we wanted to. There are times when I wish we live in another state to turn my mental nature therapy into a reality and share it with the family but then I realized we can always find our own connection to nature wherever we are. Nestled less than two hours away from home, we were able to experience some nature therapy through the Getaway House.  

One month prior to our family’s getaway, my husband surprised me for our seventeenth anniversary. Just the two of us, we spent time recharging and reconnecting with each other. After our trip, we wanted to share that experience with the kids and take a break from our daily routines. The kids had a long weekend off for Easter so we decided it would be the perfect time to go. My husband searched for a cabin and initially the dates we picked were all booked. Then one night my husband found an availability and with no hesitation he booked it right away. 

We did not tell the kids about our trip until the day of. We wanted to surprise them knowing how curious kids can be and limit repeated questions like “what time are we leaving?” The look on their faces were mixed with curiosity and excitement, they asked the usual “are we there yet?” Then, as soon as we entered our outpost, they wondered why were we in the middle of the forest. We loved how they celebrated (I think one of them cried) when we told them we were going camping.

As soon as we arrived in our cabin, the kids were ready to explore – both inside and outside. As my husband prepared the campfire, I walked around the cabin with the kids. We looked up at the tall trees, followed insect sounds while the youngest collected rocks. We enjoyed our dinner at the picnic table, relaxed around the campfire, and of course roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Come nightfall, we played card games with the kids, read their books and sipped hot cocoa. The following morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast inside our cabin and took another walk around the area.

We were amazed at the proximity of this Getaway to our home. For any family looking for a place to recharge, reconnect, and take a break from their daily routines, this is a place to visit. Book a Getaway, I’ve always wanted to do it ever since I saw pictures online and I’m so glad my husband surprised me with a trip then brought the whole family on our next one. Pack lightly. We went home in our pajamas. It’s easy, stress-free and the cabins are clean and comforting. Traveling with the kids is not always easy but the memories you will create will be unforgettable. 

Ready for your next family escape to nature? Book your Getaway today.