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Featured Guests: A Romantic Escape with Brad and Garrett

Earlier this year we hosted Brad, his husband Garrett, and their pup at Getaway Skagit Valley outside of Seattle, so they could disconnect from the bustle and reconnect to themselves and each other. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

I am far from what one would consider outdoorsy. In fact, my typical quip in response to anyone wondering how much I like the outdoors is that I am much more of an indoorsy person and that my idea of outdoor wear still comes from a catalog. What is it then that would even make me think of finding myself at a Getaway? The stillness many of us found in our lives recently was something I really came to appreciate, especially as a healthcare worker. In my line of work, “quiet” is typically a taboo word that was never to be whispered, let alone said, unless you were asking for trouble to come in through the door. It wasn’t until I was forced into solitude from lockdown did I realize just how noisy my world usually was. Quiet, as it turned out, is where I could find myself a little better without the noise of all others. Quiet is where I could really stop and take care of myself. As our world begins to stir back up, all of the noise is starting to ramp back up along with it, and in the growing chatter, I longed for just a little more quiet. I needed a Getaway.

Along with my husband and our rambunctious pup, we packed up the car and made the short trip out of Seattle and over to the outpost in Skagit Valley. True to everything that I had seen online, Getaways are a chance to go off grid without ever really having to rough it and offer a pathway to nature and solitude without having to sacrifice some of the more convenient comforts that indoorsy people such as myself may be more accustomed to. Our cabin had everything we would need and then some while still holding short of anything that could be too distracting – no tv, no wifi. Not that we’d need it since our Shiba Inu pup, Benny, was plenty entertaining. It was just us out there. It had been a lot of just us ever since we recently made the big move up to Seattle from Austin, Texas late last year, but our Getaway conveniently put us out of reach of the new jobs that we’ve been settling into and cozily boarded us out of sight of our ever present moving boxes and to-do lists.

Time is definitely relative, and though we only stayed for two nights, we were able to ground ourselves into a long, memorable weekend that had none of the hurry of everything else going on back home. There was guiltless sleeping in on a big, comfy bed. There were lots of unrushed walks through the nature literally right outside our door. There were drawn out tales by the warm, crackling campfire that of course included s’mores. Speaking of campfire food, not only could I cook great meals in the kitchenette, the outdoor fire pit offered a great excuse to cook over open flame during our outdoor adventure. As an avid cook, I loved how well equipped our cabin was for cooking. Between the kitchenette, bathroom, and all the cozy spaces, we had everything we could really ask for. Our Getaway truly left nothing to be missed, and reminded us to slow down and just enjoy ourselves. We left wishing we had a little more time and immediately wondered when we could make our escape again.

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