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Featured Guests: A Couples’ Getaway with Tyler and Amari

Earlier this year we hosted Tyler and Amari at Getaway Barber Creek outside of Chicago for a romantic escape to nature. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

Our connection with nature is simple. We love spending time in nature, especially during the daytime. Whether it’s reading, painting, eating, or even just relaxing in nature, it brings us so much peace mentally. The beauty of it all is breathtaking. 

Amari: My experience at Getaway was everything I didn’t know I needed! I mean I’ve been on a handful of trips, but this was different. The moment I arrived at my cabin was the moment I felt like I escaped from everything. I felt myself letting go of everything and mentally going into zen mode.

Tyler: Getaway went beyond expectations. The atmosphere was very welcoming, and things got better from there. When we first walked in, I noticed the big windows on the side and front of our bed. Even though I’ve seen it on social media and their website, pictures do not justify the stylistic layout of the cabin. We were surprised with balloons and a happy anniversary greeting with strings of light. I also very much appreciated the kitchen amenities, specifically, the magnetic strip holding the knives, the electric stove, and the amenities like hot cocoa and smores on the counter ready to make. I felt like a chef cooking in that kitchen because of the fancy but straightforward layout. I’ve never liked the idea of disconnecting from the world, but after visiting Getaway, I realized how much I needed to getaway. 

As a couple: This was our first time traveling out of the state by ourselves, and Getaway was the perfect first destination. Not only that, spending time away from everything helped us reconnect as a couple, because there were no distractions. We had so much fun cooking, dancing, playing games, sitting out by the fire pit, and honestly, it felt like paradise. We have created memories that we will never forget! We’re so happy we chose to stay at the Getaway instead of a regular hotel.

We thought going to Getaway and disconnecting would be a challenge for us, because we are so used to taking vacations to hotels or resorts that are local to busy areas and modern-day technology. This experience was a breath of fresh air, and being there gave the name “Getaway” its total value.

We did feel safe during the daytime, but as it got later, it became a little too dark for comfort. Luckily, they provided adequate outdoor lighting that made us feel comfortable. As young travelers, another thing we appreciated was the security access that was provided in order to get into the cabin.

We took this Getaway and used it to our full advantage by relaxing within the cabin. We made meals, enjoyed nature, played board games, made s’mores by the fire pit, and took awesome photos that we’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Advice for other couples considering a Getaway:

  • If the day-to-day stressors of life are getting to you and your partner, this is the perfect way to rekindle and escape. 
  • Pack lightly!
  • Be ready to disconnect and reconnect with nature!

In need of an escape with the one who matters most? Book your Getaway today.