Guest Stories

365 Hours Outside

When Haylie Tate kicked off her 2019, she had a very specific goal in mind for her family: to spend 365 hours outside.

She was inspired by the blog 1000 Hours Outside and Angela J. Hanscom’s Balanced and Barefoot. Haylie was struck by how little time kids were spending in the outdoors in our modern times – how just 40 years ago, “kids were getting all the stimulation they needed by participating in several hours of daily unstructured play,” the blog notes.

Ideally, children should be getting 3-4 hours of free play every day outside, but the average child is currently at only 3-7 minutes. Those numbers are striking, but the behavioral effects can be even greater, with increasingly diminishing attention spans.

So Haylie decided to flip the script for her family. Her youngest was just born last September, so 1000 hours seemed a little optimistic, but 365 was surely doable, with 1000 as the goal for 2020. She currently homeschools/un-schools/wild-schools, so an escape to Getaway Beaver Creek made for a natural fit… and a perfect break in a trip of a ton of activities.

“We loved our Getaway! trip to Hershey, PA, and the perfect place to recenter after the sensory overload of Hershey Park… My 3 year old loved the campfire and lanterns, and my husband and I enjoyed unplugging.”

To find out more about the benefits of time spent in nature, read How to Get Away. To experience it for yourself, book a Getaway today.