How to Getaway

Packing Tips for Your Fall Getaway

Now that the air is fresher than a U-pick honeycrisp, it’s the perfect time to escape the city and enjoy autumn in full swing. There isn’t much you should bring with you to your tiny cabin, we have most of the essentials – soap, shampoo, conditioner, cooking supplies, linens – covered for you. Still, there are a few things you should pack before your adventure to ensure you make the most of your time away. 

Cozy Socks

Even if you can still see your breath in the early morning air, slipping on a pair of warm, thick socks is a surefire way to feel snug and at peace. At night, cozy socks are our must-have accessory for sitting around the fire.

All Weather Boots

If you have a hike in mind, or if you just want to wander about, we recommend bringing sturdy boots with good traction. The seasonal rain can make paths a bit muddy and unexpectedly slick. Getting a little messy is all part of the fun, but it’s still nice to come prepared.

Rain Gear

While rain is a delightful edition to a day hiding in bed, you don’t want a little drizzle getting in the way of your plans. A waterproof jacket and umbrella are the perfect pair to protect you from getting damp as you get lost in nature.

Something Flannel

We know, this one’s a bit much. But besides being the ubiquitous choice for fall attire, flannel is actually super practical. It’s warm, breathable, and quick drying – the perfect layer for erratic autumn weather. A plaid flannel is fall’s classic look for a reason, and we’re not going to apologize for wearing one under our chunky knits.


We’re not here to pick favorites – every season is wonderful. But there is something undeniably special about watching the leaves change from the window of a cozy cabin. Sure, you could take a picture, but even just a quick scribble can be a relaxing and intentional way to remember your time offline.

Even if you’ve left one of these things at home, you’ll still have everything you need to enjoy your stay, assuming brought an open mind and a sense of adventure. And maybe a toothbrush. You’ll still want that.

Book your fall Getaway today to take advantage of this particularly tranquil time of year.