How to Getaway

A Family-Friendly Getaway: What to Pack for Babies and Toddlers

With packed schedules and little outdoor space, life in a city can feel pretty confining for kids — and their parents. That’s why so many of our repeat guests are families with young kids who visit again and again

There’s something freeing about an unplanned day that invites your little ones to take up space and explore all that nature has to offer. (Not to mention the full night’s sleep that often follows.)

To ensure your next Getaway is “the best ever,” we’ve rounded up a few family-friendly tips from our community team and parents on what to pack for babies and toddlers.


Because kiddos love playing in the dirt.

  • Bug spray/cream
  • Outdoor bug/adventure kit
  • Books! (Especially those about the outdoors)
  • A thick sheet or pad to protect crawlers and early walkers from the rocks outside
  • Games (we like Jenga)


There’s nothing like tasting your first s’more.


Did we mention the dirt?

  • Baby bathtub to place in the shower
  • Portable training potty (if currently using at home)


Our tiny cabins are too small for a Pack ‘n Play, so here are a few items to help little ones snooze.

  • A portable bassinet 
  • Extra pillows/body pillow to keep little ones from rolling off the bed (There can be a small gap between the window and the top bunk bed, so placing a pillow there allows little ones to play safely.)
  • A headlamp if you’re carrying gear from the car to the cabin at night.

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