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Meet an Artist Fellow: Musician, Roman Alexander

Earlier this year, we hosted musician and Artist Fellow, Roman Alexander, at Getaway Dale Hollow outside of Nashville, so he could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to nature and his creativity. Here’s what he had to share about his creative process, his connection to nature, and his Getaway.

I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. I actually played my first real show when I was 7 years old at my uncle’s bar in Parkville, MO. When I was 18, I decided to pack up my car and move to Nashville to pursue music full time. Since then, I’ve worked a lot of odd jobs and made a lot of really great and talented friends along the way. A lot of them have helped me hone my craft and now I’m lucky enough now to get paid to do what I love and have the opportunity to perform for my fans.

I’ve always loved that my upbringing in Parkville, MO allowed me to experience both the city & the country. Although I love the hustle of the city, I sometimes need to get away for a few days and clear my head. Being outside and around animals reminds me of growing up and helping my grandpa out on his longhorn farm. The time outside really allows me to clear my mind and refocus so that I’m more prepared to walk into the writers room with fresh ideas.
I was really grateful for this weekend because it came right before a spring and summer full of touring. I was able to spend some time refocusing, resting and prepping for tour. As much as I love getting on the road and playing shows, it is a taxing and tiring job. And one that takes me away from my dog for longer than I’d like. So I was glad to have a weekend to spend time with him and let him roam the forest and chase some squirrels. Don’t worry, I didn’t let him catch any. I couldn’t recommend these cabins enough. It’s the perfect place to relax, refresh, and enjoy some nature not too far outside of Nashville.

To keep up with what Roman creates next, you can follow him on Instagram and check out his website.