Artist Fellowship

Meet an Artist Fellow: Musician, Nakaya

Fill us in on your background—personally and in your creative practice.

I am originally from Los Angeles, but I’ve been New York based for nearly 8 years now. I come from a pretty unique background – my father was a hip-hop producer in the 90s and I attended a radically liberal (and what some might call “hippie”) school that focused deeply on thoughtful learning and I think those influences (as well as a multitude of others) have informed who I am as a person and as an artist. I want to bring different perspectives to indie music – time and time again we are presented with the same identity tropes in alternative spaces, and I want to be honest about my experiences to hopefully find connection with people who have felt different or *weird* like me. 

How does your connection to nature influence you personally, and how does it influence your art?

Nature is where I base all of my work. We are of the earth and it recharges and inspires me to bask in the joy that nature gives to us. It’s magical and I feel like there is no way to describe the feeling of forest bathing that does it justice, but I really believe it’s because we are innately connected to the universe. 

How was your Getaway? Did your time in your cabin influence your process or inspire any new ideas?

My getaway was amazing. I felt so safe and comforted by the space provided, I am mad at myself for not having booked this time sooner. I haven’t taken my acoustic guitar on a trip upstate in a very long time and as soon as I pulled it out of the case, it just felt like “I’m back.” Like it was home and it was natural. The quiet in comparison to the constant buzz of the city just gave me much-needed clarity to work through some new ideas. 

I had such an amazing time at Getaway, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is, particularly with the obstacles we’ve been facing recently, to take a break. Recharge and be gentle with yourself so later on, you have power and energy to show up for yourself and your loved ones when they most need you. <3 

You can find me on instagram HERE and on my website HERE. 🙂 

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