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Featured Guest: Juana Domingo, Refocus and Take a Breath

Earlier this summer we hosted Juana Domingo at Getaway Mount Adams outside of Portland so she could disconnect from the noise and reconnect to nature. Here’s what she had to say about her Getaway.

I, like many others, often forgot that I need to refocus and take a breath. Not to refocus on my 9-5, my career, but to refocus on me, my health and remind myself of what makes me, me. To also take a breath for myself, to able to just focus on my breathing and nothing more. 

During my drive I went through the historical Columbia Gorge. The Columbia Gorge is a breathtaking filled with wonderful hikes and rich Oregon history. Multnomah Falls, the Bridge of the Gods, Bonneville Dam and so much more. My eyes opened wide as I crossed the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge. Because as soon as you make your way towards Goldendale you can see the wonderful white windmills. Drive right beside made you feel so small. Further into Goldendale you can wind up, down and around breathtaking hills and mountains. In those hills you find these beautiful creeks and rest stops in small towns. 

When I made my way to Mt. Adams, I couldn’t help, but to take in the trees that surrounded me. To take in the the free and wild nature around me. I couldn’t help, but to imagine how amazing it’d be to not have to answer work calls, personal calls, and texts. At first it was so hard to disconnect. We are so often programmed to work and hustle for our paycheck, that we forget about that work-life balance. As soon as I lost my last bar of service, I felt alleviation. I left all my worries behind.

Mt. Adams welcomed me with fresh air, trees, and beautiful dragon flies. As soon as I walked into cabin Harold, I was filled with excitement. The beautiful cabin was quaint and had a cozy feeling to it, a sense of comfort. During my stay I got to finally read my books and got to escape into another world with no interruptions. I got to finally cook, instead of ordering out. I got to do things that I once took advantage of. With all my time I got to find myself and what once made me happy. Being able to refocus on myself was so surreal. Time stood still and I took advantage of those moments. I did not want to miss one second. Stars surrounded me as the sun began to set, they twinkled in the sky. Looking at the sky full of stars, that was my best-loved moment. Our simple pleasures are often set aside that we often forget them, but thanks to my stay I got to find them. 

One of the main reasons I chose Getaway for my first solo trip was because they offered you solitude and did not judge you for that option. Getaway welcomes all their guests to take time for themselves. They encourage you to reset your mind, to take a walk outside or to even lay back and kick your feet up. They help you to find that solitude. The team places wonderful books in each cabin. Those books would give you insightful tips and instrumental relaxing exercises. To remind you of the purpose of your stay. 

For your next or maybe even you first stay, remember why you are there. To RESET, REFOCUS, AND BREATHE.