Guest Stories

Featured Guest: Jackie Oseguera

We hosted Jackie Oseguera and her family at Getaway Beaver Creek earlier this year so they could disconnect from technology and enjoy some focused, family time with their daughter. Here’s what she had to say about their experience.

Me and my family live right in the city, so we don’t see much of nature as we would love to. I enjoy being in nature to disconnect from time to time. I love how nature can really make you appreciate beauty and calmness. I wanted my daughter to experience all that I have experienced being in nature and to disconnect from phones and TV. So we booked a trip with Getaway to give that experience to my daughter since she’s never really in nature, and she loved it. I can express how much fun she had. It really bought us closer together. We took home so many laughs and memories from our trip.

When we arrived we explored our room and her first reaction to the big window that she could see everything was priceless. After that we cooked outside in the fire pit, and then we made some delicious s’mores. (It was her first time eating a s’more too). That night was so peaceful being warm by the fire, cuddling, eating s’mores and just telling stories. At bedtime we were just in awe looking at the stars that were right outside our window—now that’s sleeping with a view. The next morning we took a hike and explored the area. We saw ducks and ice crystals on our hike. Then later that afternoon we played card games and did arts and crafts with our daughter, she even made her first snowman.

For two days we disconnected from the world and just focused on our family to give our daughter the best experience ever, and we did. We were definitely recharged once we came back. We felt so peaceful those two days.

We had so much clarity on what really is important. There were no distractions, and for the first time in a while everyone had 100% of everyone’s attention. We realized that as much attention we gave our daughter those two days, we should do that at home too. Sometimes texts and social media can distract us from family time. We came back and put a limit on phone time. Getaway gave family time a new meaning, and reminded us to not let our screens distract us from precious family time.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of who I am. As a first generation American, I treasure the culture and values inherited from my parents and take pride in being able to pass them on to my daughters so that they never forget their heritage. I love celebrating in through music, food, and on the 16th of September my favorite thing to do is to dress me and my girls in beautiful embroidered dresses and celebrate Mexican Independence.

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