Guest Stories

Featured Guest: Digital Creator, Crystall Cho

We hosted Crystall Cho at Getaway Piney Woods where she spent #MoreFreeTime reconnecting to herself and those who matter most. Here’s what she had to say about carving out time to reset.

My trip to the Getaway House was truly a free time that I needed in the midst of a busy, overwhelming year. Being in a secluded, private area surrounded by nature gave me so much time to reflect on my life and check on myself – without technology, without the distractions, and without the busy aspects of life. I spent my free time catching up on readings that I’ve been pushing off, walking around the trail without having to worry about anything, and enjoying good food with a good company. After visiting Getaway twice, it’s definitely been a great “break” from life to focus on yourself and your loved ones. It’s so relaxing, peaceful, free, silent, and thoughtful. It was such a meaningful experience for me both times!

I loved being able to enjoy the silence and focus on myself – reading books, walking around without any disturbance, and enjoying the moment without technology.

crystall cho

I definitely had powerful moments of peace and clarity during both visits. It also opened up room for conversations that would never take place if we were in a different setting – whether it was with a friend or family, it was a great time where we could focus on another and listen to each other. After my Getaway, I like to now give myself time to disconnect from technology and the world at least once a week, preferably on the weekends.

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