Guest Stories

Featured Guest: Blogger, Ashley Weller

We hosted Ashley Weller and her daughter at Getaway Piney Woods so she could spend #MoreFreeTime in nature with her daughter before sending her back to college. Here’s what she had to say about the quality time they got to spend together on their escape.

We had a great time in the middle of nature! We enjoyed feeling like we were in the middle of nowhere. So quiet, and full of quality time. We put our phones away and played games, had a picnic, made s’mores and talked for hours. It’s what every mother and daughter needs to just get away and enjoy each other without any interruptions! It felt amazing to get away and disconnect – to not be around anyone or anything that would interfere with our quiet and quality time! 

Getting away really put things back into perspective.

Ashley Weller

Before we left, we stopped and got an awesome lunch so that we could have a picnic when we got to our little cabin. We sat and ate our lunch right after we got there. While we were there we talked a ton, played games like Uno and Mancala and we popped popcorn and made s’mores!

We did things that we never slow down to do in the city. My favorite moment of our Mother Daughter Getaway was laying in the bed next to the wide open window and seeing all of the start while we talked for hours. 

Abby and I really used our free time carefully after our Getaway. She was off to college a month later so we slowed down and really cherished our last few weeks together. Getting away puts things back into perspective. Something about being out in the middle of nowhere in nature is magical! 

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