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Featured Guest: A Romantic Escape to Getaway Blake Brook

Earlier this year, we hosted Aline Mac and her fiance, Shaun at Getaway Blake Brook outside of Boston, so they could spend some time reconnecting in nature.

We are from Natick, MA and are mostly in the city. We don’t have a ton of nature around us and we both work a lot so there is nothing more relaxing than to surround ourselves in nature. The silence of the woods helps us clear our minds and makes us feel reinvigorated to get back to our busy lives.

My favorite moments of our Getaway were spent enjoying each other’s company while cooking, reading, and cozying up around the fire.

My husband is a Realtor and is normally glued to his phone. So the first hour was stressful for him but by the end he felt so relaxed that he almost forgot he had a phone… haha but seriously it’s incredibly liberating and we loved it!

We realized even more how moments together away from technology are important. The time we spent in the Getaway made us realize that we want to take that back home and have at least one meal together without cellphones. The single moment that stood out to me was waking up in the morning with all the sun beams shining down through the trees while cuddled up in a warm bed. SO COZY!

Everyone is living busy lives and most couples like us relax at night with their faces buried in a phone. I think quality conversations are becoming more rare. It was so nice to just chat, tell stories, laugh and learn more about each other. No matter how long you’ve been together there’s always more to learn!

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