spend time in nature

There’s nothing better than finally finding time to get outside and enjoy the world around you. Exploring green spaces is an easy way to improve both health and happiness by lowering stress, blood pressure, and heart rate.

We’re big proponents of spending time outside – whether it’s by taking a quick stroll or even just sitting beside a roaring campfire. Here are some of our favorite ways to spend time in nature.

Go For A Hike

Get your endorphins moving for an extra dose of stress belief by working out in nature. Whether you’re a beginner hiker or you’ve been hiking trails for years, there’s a hike for you near all our Outposts. Pack a celebratory lunch to enjoy from the summit and soak up the natural beauty around you. 

Take a Walk in the Woods

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, simply taking a stroll through the trees will still do wonders for your health and mindset. The Japanese tradition of forest bathing holds that simply being in the forest is a form of preventive health care, so relax with a gentle stroll. 

Listen to a Podcast

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting and listening to a thought-provoking podcast. Take a seat on a rock, log, or chair, and appreciate the natural world around you while listening to a nature-centric podcast. We like this one from Outside Magazine. Or for some interesting interviews around regaining balance, try our own: The Getaway Podcast. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and just listen. Pro tip: download the podcast ahead of time so you can go completely offline while you listen.

spend time in nature

Read a Nature Guidebook

Take the opportunity in nature to learn more about the world around you. Bring out a book to learn about the different types of trees around you. Find literature that will teach you about the bird calls you’re hearing. Have fun identifying new aspects of nature to love and appreciate.

Just Be

Everyone could some time to slow down and just be. Allow yourself to do nothing by sitting, relaxing, and soaking in some greenery. Afterwards, you’ll be happy you did.

spend time in nature

Looking for a place to reset in nature? Book your escape to a tiny cabin now. 

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