How to Getaway

Ways to Spend Your Getaway with Your Significant Other

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We believe in disconnecting to reconnect with what’s really important, including your relationship with your significant other. It can be easy to let work and other distractions get in the way of spending quality time together.

This Valentines Day, find some time to bring you and your partner closer together as a couple. We have a list of activities to get you started on just that. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home or on a peaceful escape, this list of activities will help you and your Valentine bond together.

Answer the 36 Questions That Lead to Love

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This famous list featuring 36 questions meant to build intimacy was popularized by a New York Times Modern Love column in 2015. Originally created by a team of psychologists led by Arthur Aron, the questions are based on the idea that vulnerability fosters closeness. Try them with your partner to get to know them better and don’t let the length of your relationship stop you. Answers can change with time and can remind you of why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

Learn a New Skill Together

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Whether it’s as simple as learning to tie a knot together or as challenging as learning a new language, let the process of learning bring you closer. Even just trying out a new recipe together can bring you closer. Talk about the shared experience and what may be easy or challenging about your activity. Ask each other for help when you hit a snag. It’s those little gestures that can foster closer connection.

Write Each Other A Letter

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Sometimes communication is easier through writing. Try penning a letter to your partner telling them your favorite qualities about them and ask them 3-5 questions. Then swap letters and write each other back. Writing together will bond you and can give you another avenue to connect with one another.

Dance it Out

If you and your partner want to lighten the mood, have a dance party. Dancing will get your endorphins going. Don’t worry if you don’t think your dancing skills are up to par – there’s no winners or losers in a dance party. It’s good to let yourself be silly around your partner and make each other laugh.

While you can do these just about anywhere, we’re of course partial to Getaway. Let yourselves escape the city, put your phones away, and reconnect in nature together.

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