Social Distance and Supporting Each Other

This is new for all of us.

As our cities tighten restrictions on businesses that are open, and work from home policies move from optional to mandatory, we are in unchartered terrain.

When you’re home by yourself or with loved ones, things can feel lonely or overwhelming. To help, our team compiled what we’re doing to get through social distancing because it’s important to remember, we’re all in this together.

Get Dressed in the Morning

It may seem silly when the only destination is home, but maintaining a morning routine – getting dressed, making your bed, getting “ready to work” – helps maintain a sense of normalcy.

Try a New Recipe

Use more time indoors to test out your chops in the kitchen, whether it’s a complicated recipe you’ve never had the chance to tackle, or something as simple as “immunity ice cubes.” One of our colleagues, Abby Ciucias, recommends blending lemon, orange, grapefruit, and ginger. Freeze them into cubes and then serve with seltzer or your beverage of choice.

Set Off Hours

When many of us are working from home, it can be hard to tuck away your computer and make time for yourself in the morning or in the evening. Be sure to set work hours for yourself, and let your supervisor and colleagues know so they can support you as you work from home.

Remind Yourself to Move

Set a reminder once an hour to get up, stretch, and move around. Take a walk outside if you’re able. Moving your body will help keep you present and less in your head.

Make Home a Comforting Space

While there’s a lot that out of our control in the world around us, your space can be what you make of it. Light a candle that calms you, turn on music you love, buy a plant for some organic life at home. Turn your space into an environment that works best for you.

Default to Video

Our working norm at Getaway is video calls. While we would prefer to collaborate face-to-face, in the spirit of social distancing, video calls allow us to connect more deeply with our colleagues, and to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

We’re here for you. We know this is a trying time for many of us. Share with us your mindful tips for social distancing at