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Singer Songwriter Frank Bell’s “Home”

 “Let’s take a breath of fresh air; forget that we care / And look around…”

In Frank Bell’s new  music video for “Home”, it’s raining. He’s holding up an open umbrella to the side – as if to shelter an unseen loved one, or perhaps just anyone who may need it.

According to Frank, his song “Home” was conceived out of necessity. “What sets it apart from the other love songs is that it’s a love song for everyone. A reminder that we’re not alone, that we’re all in this crazy beautiful world together.”

A classically-trained cellist who morphed into a singer-songwriter, Frank Bell has always been a musician: “I was born, music found me, and we’ve been in love ever since.” However, he describes his story as “ever evolving”. In fact, Frank only recently recorded an updated version of “Home” to reflect more of his current musical interests.

Later in the video, Frank is holding the umbrella on a busy New York sidewalk. Most people pass him by, but occasionally he gets a thumbs-up and one couple even shares a sweet kiss under his protection. His song serves as a gentle reminder to everyone rushing through the motions of daily life to “soak up this moment and savor the time.”

It’s a reminder that we’re not alone, that we’re all in this crazy beautiful world together.

In our increasingly connected world, it’s become easier for talented artists like Frank to reach wider audiences. He first gained international recognition by posting his songs on YouTube and has since travelled the world and earned many accolades.

But as illustrated by his motivation for “Home”, Frank is more interested in turning his focus inward, “stripping down his sound and rediscovering the foundation of his passion: connecting with people through song.”

Such mindfulness is reflected in Frank’s music, which can be useful to everyone living with the 24/7 demands of our modern age…even artists, who play integral roles in bringing balance to the lives of others.

Frank says that creating balance can be as easy as remembering to “breathe.” But he also recognizes that it requires intention and effort: “Practice…This is something that I’m constantly working on. Remembering and being mindful of why I do what I do, and why music choose me in the first place is very helpful. I try not to take for granted that I’m able to create music and share it with others.”

You can find a recent live recording of “Home” here and a 360° look at Frank’s time making music in one of our NY cabins here. You can even find your own temporary “home” with us.