Artist Fellowship

Supporting Our Artist Fellows

We created our Artist Fellowship program to support artists by giving them time and space away from their daily distractions to focus on their art. In uncertain times, we turn to art to comfort us, to engage with tough emotions and tough conversations, to entertain us and to help us escape—whether through our own joy, or into the creative minds that inspire us.

Here are some of our Artist Fellows that you can support by checking out their online shops:

Yulia Sherbak

Yulia Sherbak stayed at Getaway Beaver Creek in January, and while she was there she created a few adorable miniature crocheted flowers inspired by the flowers she observed on the grounds. There are so many more little crocheted objects and animals in her Etsy shop, Moss and Feathers, that you’re likely to find something you’ll love.

Maya Modi

Maya Modi, a talented watercolor artist, stayed at Getaway Mount Adams in February. On her Getaway she created a painting with some of the animals she spotted during her stay. She also creates and sells watercolor kits to teach others how to use her favorite medium to create art they’ll love as well in her Etsy shop, Mayaxkiwi.

Michelle Van Leer

Michelle Van Leer stayed at Getaway Chattahoochee in January where she took inspiration from the organic shapes and colors in nature to draw her own design. You can find more of her mesmerizing patterns and designs in her Etsy shop.

Amanda Atkins

Amanda Atkins is a skilled illustrator who stayed at Getaway Blake Brook last year. She creates prints and stationary, and she even sells original artworks in her Etsy shop capturing women, her favorite objects, and interesting plants and animals.

Brittany Fan

Brittany Fan is a talented painter who stayed at Getaway Shenandoah towards the end of 2018. During her stay she created some gorgeous sketches of leaves she found at the Outpost, and some paintings of her favorite parts of her stay—including s’mores and a view of the Shenandoah Valley. You can find more of her hand-lettered and painted cards and postcards in her Etsy shop.

Alisha Davidson

Alisha Davidson stayed at Getaway Catskills and used the inspiration from her Getaway to create a gorgeous print of a woman in nature. She sells similar prints, t-shirts, and accessories in her store online.

Sara Morton

Sara Morton is an alternative process and abstract artist who stayed at Getaway Piney Woods in November. During her stay, she found flowers and plants she liked on the Outpost and created prints of them. You can find other prints and paintings in her online store.

Make sure to check-in with your local artists, and do what you can to support them right now—send them an encouraging note, follow them on social media, share their work.

Feeling inspired by all the artwork? Book your own creative escape today.