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September Reflections

Growing up in Minnesota, summer was by far my favorite season. The deep cold of winter was a distant memory or distant future. The ability to swim in one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, explore the deep woods or just lounge around outside was as simple as walking out the front door.

Upon moving to the east coast, fall quickly surpassed summer as my favorite season. While the term leaf peeper feels somehow derogatory, I have loved discovering Massachusetts while looking for foliage along Route 2. Now a New Yorker, if nothing else the coming of fall is at least the end of sweaty city summers exacerbated by the heat island effect.

Traditionally, fall is a time when we think about putting our nose back on the grindstone — back to school, back to work, no more summer fun. I like work — and have been accused of working too much. But I’ve been working hard to find more balance in my own life, not just in the summer but year round. I hope this fall will allow me to turn over that new leaf (sorry!).

More directly Getaway related, here are some highlights of the month:

  • We launched our new podcast featuring Jess Davis, Founder of Folk Rebellion, Francis Hermelin, Creative Director at Reboot, and Fran Tirado, writer and queer community-maker.
  • We secured some new land for expansions (stay tuned!)
  • We named the cat that occasionally wanders through our DC property: Artemis

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