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The end of December always feels like a perfect mixture of reflection and anticipation. On the one hand, we’re looking back at the month and the year that was. What were our successes? What could we have improved?

On the other hand, we’re thinking about the promising year ahead. For us, there are new Outposts coming, the growth of the Getaway team, and new ways to make Getaway all the more special for our first time and repeat guests.


To reflect on this month before we bite into the whole year, we announced and opened booking for Getaway Atlanta, our first home in the South. I’m particularly excited about this destination, because our friends in the South are often overlooked in conversations around the excesses of the city and the need for taking time. Our hope is that our Atlanta Outpost can provide our friends in The Big Peach the escape they deserve.

Taking a step back and looking at the year as whole, I’m proud of what Getaway has accomplished. We’ve added and announced new cabins and Outposts, allowing more people to find balance across the country. Our guests continue to amaze me with their dedication to taking time in nature to reset.

Those guests come to Getaway from so many places, near and far. When you book a Getaway, we ask our guests their reason for escaping. We’ve seen everything from people needing a break from their jobs, to a desire to reconnect with a partner, to the stress of transitioning, to most recently, someone eloping in our tiny cabins. Thanks to our guests for allowing us to share in their search for balance.

We put together this infographic to celebrate 2018. It was a year full of engagements, hiking trails, paw prints, s’mores and tranquility. Next year, you can expect more new Outposts, cities, trails, campfires, engagements, and more.

Thanks for being a part of Getaway. As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch.

Be well,

Jon Staff

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