November Reflections: On Gratitude

Like so much else in 2020, Thanksgiving isn’t going to look like it usually does. In a regular year, my partner Michael and I would do Friendsgiving in Brooklyn before heading off to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family in Minnesota. This year, with coronavirus cases spiking nationwide and public health officials urging Americans to stay home and avoid gatherings, Michael and I will be spending the holiday in our apartment, eating turkey for two.

It’s not the version of this holiday I was hoping for, especially after such a long and stressful year. When so much has been taken from us already, it’s frustrating to face yet another difficult tradeoff between carefree celebration and the safety of our loved ones and communities. At the same time, heading into this national holiday of gratitude, I have to say I also feel more grateful than ever.

I’m grateful that my family and I are healthy, in a year when so many have suffered tremendous illness and loss. As I walk around my neighborhood and see beloved shops and restaurants shuttered, I feel grateful—and lucky—that the business I started five years ago can still thrive in our current crisis. I’m grateful for my team of flexible, creative, and hard-working colleagues, who have figured out how to continue delivering the highest standards of safety and care for our guests. I’m grateful for our guests, who keep showing up and sharing their stories with us.

And though this might sound funny coming from me, this year I am really grateful for digital technology! At Getaway, we often talk about the importance of disconnecting from tech to be more present with our surroundings and the people right in front of us. But in the age of social distancing, Zoom and FaceTime have become a vital lifeline. This Thanksgiving, my family and I won’t be sharing a table, but we’ll be propped up on each other’s tables, beaming in from computers and phone screens tucked between the cranberry sauce and the gravy boat. It’s not the same as being together, but it’s as close as we can get, and that’s enough for now.

This Thanksgiving, whether your loved ones are near or far, spend some time expressing gratitude for the people you are thankful for. If you can’t be with family or friends, schedule a phone or video chat to catch up and share your experiences. Our website will be down on Thursday to help you and our team enjoy the day with fewer interruptions. We’ll still be on-call for folks staying in our cabins!

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