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January Reflections: On The Year Ahead

Thank goodness for the month of love.

I’ve struggled to put pen to paper for these reflections. As I look at the year stretching in front of us, it is hard not to see all that is and will be overwhelming. Impeachments, elections, wildfires, endless news cycles, tech scandals and on and on and on. I’m even feeling overwhelmed by the more positive spectacles we’ll experience this year: hopefully the 2020 Olympics will revive a sense of our one-ness, but a little part of my brain says — when will I watch? Do I even have time for it? What if I miss them and have to wait another four years?

And so as the calendar flips to February, I am grateful that we have a whole month that is about celebrating love.

As a kid, this month meant handcrafted Valentines Day boxes, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and Necco’s Conversation Hearts.

Growing older, Valentine’s Day shifted from candy to confusion. Should I be dating? Who should I date? Why can’t I get a date? How on earth did I get a date?

Now, I am beginning to appreciate deeper meanings of taking the time to celebrate love. Be it shared with a partner, family member or close friend love is our respite from all those overwhelming feelings. It provides safety. It doesn’t shut out the outside world, but it provides comfort within it. It sees us for who we are. Love can be loud or quiet, silly or serious, shared with laughter or with tears. Love is us being there for one and another.

That’s what I want for us this year — I want us to be there for one another. Let’s use Valentine’s Day and the month of February not as an excuse to overspend on a bouquet but as a moment to say: I am here for you.

If only Necco were still around they could print that on a candy heart.

Be Well,


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